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What is in a box?

It is a possibility to create an excellent base for ski track!

Just add nine used tires and go!

More about Ivak Snow Roller you find here - We ship all over the world, freight is included in the price.
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Snow Rabbit Explained!

A new film by our friends in Offerdal (Sweden) explaining Snow Rabbit3 snow-grooming machine. Watch the full version on our YouTube page Snow First Sweden -
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Winter is in the air, and the season sale for Ivak ski track towed equipment with 30% off will be closed at 23.00 7th of October.

As we say in Sweden - Passa pΓ₯! πŸ™‚ See you at!

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Autumn is the best time to serve your Snow Rabbit before winter.
It is also a great possibility to see different generations of The Snow Rabbit in one place.

More information about Snow Rabbit one can find here

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Pack the snow and make a classic ski track at the same time with the Ivak SnowRoller 112!
It is stable, not bouncing, not too heavy, not too light, and it goes straight even on side leaning tracks. The Ivak SnowRoller 112 works great on narrow tracks out in nature.
Snow is not getting stuck to the tires on Ivak Snow Roller as it does on rollers made of a plastic pipe.

The Ivak SnowRoller is supplied unassembled. Two persons will easily make assembly of the roller in about 2 hours, also adding used tires of dimension 195/65 R15. No rims needed, only used tires πŸ™‚

Get the Ivak SnowRoller with a 30% discount on our season sale. Learn more here -
The offer is available while the supplies last.

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We are planning something! Here is a sketch of a new futuristic Snow Rabbit πŸ˜‰

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Please welcome a new tracksetter - the Ivak Compact Vasa! It is an updated version of our bestselling ski tracksetter Ivak Compact.

What’s new about the Ivak Compact Vasa?

-It is made in accordance with the track standard for Vasaloppet - a 220 mm wide ski track.

-The platform we made is wider and more stable on snow with an extended drawbar and side guides along the whole platform sides.

-The Ivak Compact Vasa can make dense classic ski tracks in almost all snow conditions due to its specially designed precutters and high snow pressure. The enhanced precutters easier get cleared from cut snow.

- An extended drawbarIvak of the Ivak Compact Vasa allows producing a smoother track line, which improves ski track quality.

Ski tracks from the Ivak Compact Vasa are in line with the FIS standards. The Ivak Compact Vasa classic ski tracksetter is affordable, compact in size, and efficient. The Ivak Compact W tracksetter ships with a 36-kg concrete block included.

You can get The Ivak Compact Vasa with a 30% discount on our Season Sale, the offer is available, while the supplies last. Learn more here

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Summer is a perfect time to test some of our equipment. One can do it with no rush, enjoying sunny warm weather πŸ™‚ On the video, you can see how our client is testing the snow groomer Snow Rabbit 3.

The Snow Rabbit 3 is a compact but powerful machine, which has a hydraulic tiller and two classic track setters. It is transportable on a car trailer and can be used both for transport and trail preparation.
We also offer optional front blades and tillers for the Snow Rabbit. It can be equipped with a 240 cm wide 12-way front blade and a tiller producing 280 cm wide trails!

You can find more information here

Music: Strobe
Musician: Jef

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